The club sold about 600 tickets for the advertised raffle drawing.  The drawing was held July 11, at about 7:20 PM at Midway Pointe Bar and Grill.

Congratulations to Wade Decker of Cedar Hill as his name was drawn first and he is the recipient of  a S&W AR 15 rifle.

And congratulations to Carl Stiles of Dallas as his name was drawn second and he is the winner of a Glock Model 22 40 Caliber handgun.

Neither of the winners are club members.  Thanks to all for your participation with the raffle.  As previously indicated, the proceeds benefit the Dallas Assist the Officer Foundation, an organization who gives 100% of donated funds to the families of Dallas police officer who are in need of financial assistance following unforeseen tragedies.  July 7th, just four days ago, four Dallas Officers were murdered in the line of duty, and four more suffered injuries related to the same murderous act.  The Assist the Officer Foundation came through big for those families, and we are glad to assist their organization.


Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club